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By Peter Barrett

At a time when the combustible mixture of ignorance and arrogance has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, venture capitalists need to focus on technologies and ideas that will move society forward. Incrementalism won’t get us there, nor will the next behavior modification network or attention economy app. We should instead commit ourselves to big bets on transformative technologies that create durable value and real progress.

We need better computers. We are a technological society that entirely depends on computation, but there is an exponentially growing gap between our computational needs and Moore’s Laws’ ability to deliver. CPUs used to double their performance every 18 months. …

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It’s been an undeniably turbulent year. More than nine months after the coronavirus first erupted in the U.S., we are still in the throes of an ongoing crisis. We continue to witness major disruptions to consumer behavior, business practices, and our everyday lives. Now more than ever, we need to embrace the power of science and engineering so that we don’t spend another year indoors — and so that we can live in a world that’s more equitable, safe, and sustainable.

It has never been clearer that it’s no longer viable to invest in incremental innovation. We need to support scientific breakthroughs that will hasten our path to a future we want to inhabit. As we look ahead to the upcoming decade, we believe the next generation of compute technologies will be foundational to solving some of humanity’s most pervasive and vital problems. …


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Playground Global is a venture firm that partners with entrepreneurs working at the intersection of atoms, bits, and AI.

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